Olderelv Camping - the 2007 camping site of the Year!
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  • You are visiting Northern Norway and the county of Troms.
  • You are driving or biking along E8 in the northern part of the county.
  • It is getting late and you are looking for place to stay.


If these statements are correct then Olderelv Camping may be the answer.


Olderelv Camping is located in Skibotn, a village with a population of about 500 people. The village is approx. 110 km from Tromsø or 50 km from the border to Finland along E 95, the Northern Light Route.

The climate is very special considering the location this far north. Precipitation is about 300 mm a year and average temperature during summer is around 13,5 deg C (July). Skibotn provides you with a beautiful view of the famous Lyngen Alps. Marked tracks are available just a few 100 metres from the Olderelv Camping entrance.


Olderelv Camping is a family run facility with 40 years of experience. The Norwegian Caravan Club awarded the 2007 "Camping site of the Year" to Olderelv Camping site. It is the fourth generation that runs the facilities to day, but the grand old lady Hanna at the age of 80+ is still active.

The camping site is screened by pine trees and enjoys a nice and quiet atmosphere.



Olderelv can offer 4-star ground for caravans, mobile homes or tent. All sites have access to electricity, cable-TV, internet and waterposts with clean drinking water. A modern café serves light meals and there are facilities for shower, and washing machines may be rented to wash your laundry.



Folderol offers cabins in different sizes and standards. Large cabins may sleep 6 people in two bedrooms and is equipped with shower and toilet. Also, you may do your own cooking. The Norwegian Camping Guide rates these cabins as 4-star cabins.

Medium size cabins facilitate living room, one bedroom (4 people) and a small kitchen area.

Small cabins contains living room included a kitchen area and may sleep 4 people.


All cabins are equipped with refrigerator, and cable-TV.


For reservation please use the following:

Phone:         +47 77 71 54 44

Mobile:         +47 911 31 700

e-mail:         firmapost@olderelv.no 

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